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Shanling UA1 Pro USB DAC AMP

RM 205.00
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Equipped with ES9219C DAC chip

Built-in conductive cotton shield, DAC chip is ES9219C, power chip is LDO power supply. The theoretical maximum output is [email protected]Ω.

Support APP personalized settings

Support setting filter, gain and other options through Eddict Player (V1.0.21 and above) APP.

CNC aluminum housing

The shell of UA1 Pro is made of aluminum, which is made by CNC milling, electroplating and other processes. The whole machine weighs only 8.3g.

7 strands of 18 core high purity copper wire

The connecting wire base material is high-purity copper wire, seven strands totaling 18, covered with braid. In addition, UA1 Pro also exists. After the headset is unplugged or the load impedance disappears, the turntable will be recognized as a playback device removal problem. This can be solved by keeping the adapter or cable inserted and keeping the load present. Effectively shield all kinds of interference, almost zero noise output.

Rich sound details

The sound description of UA1 Pro is based on the default 64-level full volume, linear phase fast roll-off filtering, and high gain.
Unlike the extremely gentle, loose and soft tone of the UA1, the sound of the UA1 Pro has greatly optimized the transient response speed, giving a sharper and faster dynamic performance, and the sense of energy in the mid and low frequencies has also been significantly enhanced.

The low frequency of UA1 Pro has become more vigorous, with excellent flexibility, and a slightly weaker volume; the mid-frequency vocal position is close, the mouth is moderate, relatively clear and full, and the separation from the orchestrator is also optimized, and the high-frequency brightness is slightly increased. It is still more delicate and smooth.

UA1 Pro is no longer limited to the playback of popular vocals. With suitable headphones, it also has a certain playback capability for small instrumental music.

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